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Tokyo Alien Bros. directed by Michael Arias and Shintaro Sugawara

Tokyo Alien Bros.

2018 25m × 10 episodes 16:9

a Nippon TV / J Storm / dub production directed by Michael Arias and Shintaro Sugawara featuring Kei Inoo / Shota Totsuka / Kimiko Yo / Suzuka Ohgo screenplay by Sho Kataoka based on the manga by Keigo Shinzo director of photography Takashi Komatsu art director China Hayashi music by Plaid

copyright © Keigo Shinzo, Shogakukan, NTV, J Storm

This is for all the outsiders out there: Nietzsche’s “bungled and botched,” those who have been stepped on, ignored, misunderstood. Immigrants and underdogs: this is your story. A pair of aliens—brothers—are sent to Tokyo on an undercover mission to evaluate Planet Earth as a potential site for colonisation. Over ten 25-minute episodes we follow their quest to adapt to modern-day Tokyo and human society.

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