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Ping Pong translated by Michael Arias

Taiyō Matsumoto's

Ping Pong

translated/adapted to English by Michael Arias

Ace high school table tennis players push their passion to the limit, told by Eisner Award winner Taiyō Matsumoto.

Matsumoto’s characters describe ping-pong as “solitude and doubt, anguish and despair, nihilism and depravity” and make the reader believe it. The angular figures lunge from the page at extreme, distorted perspectives, plunging through weedy back alleys, cluttered apartments, and cavernous gymnasiums. This crowd-pleasing manga is poised to score points with readers across the board.

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Taiyō Matsumoto is best known to English-reading audiences as the creator of Tekkonkinkreet, which in 2006 was made into an animated feature film directed by Michael Arias. In 2007, Matsumoto was awarded a Japan Media Arts Festival Award for Excellence, and in 2008, he won an Eisner Award for the English publication of Tekkonkinkreet.

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