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Reloaded directed by Michael Arias

EGOIST Reloaded

music video

2016 5m 16:9

produced and directed by Michael Arias

copyright © Sony Music / Project Itoh / Genocidal Organ

  • English
  • 日本語

Director’s comment

Egoist’s electronic music employs a palette of abstract, synthetic sounds, so it made sense to create a music video for the song “Reloaded” using abstract, synthetic visuals. I also wanted to create a music video that “evokes” Genocidal Organ without actually showing excerpts from it, like so many film-soundtrack music videos. Another goal of mine was to link the world of Genocidal Organ, and that of Harmony (which I directed with Takashi Nakamura), and suggest some of the backstory that the two stories share. I want the stock footage, analog style video distortion, and military-style imagery to hint at themes from Genocidal Organ. On the other hand, the information graphic, motion graphic, and procedurally-generated sequences, should feel like they belong to Harmony (and in fact, I used variations of techniques I developed for Harmony).

Michael Arias, January 2017, Tokyo



マイケル・アリアス 2017年1月 東京にて

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